Is your Superannuation acting in your best interests?

Here’s a question for you… would you like to have your money invested in a fund that:
  • Doesn’t give you custodial ownership of the asset
  • Is based on a unit price, not asset values
  • Doesn’t de-risk your portfolio during economic downturn
  • Offers limited liquidity
  • Doesn’t treat you as an individual and therefore may pay more tax
  • Offers limited communication, usually after the fact?
Of course, no one wants to own an investment like this, but guess what? You probably do!
Most retail managed funds and industry super funds operate this very way, they always have, but the good news is there is a better way.

Contact Equitem to speak to us about investing in solutions that provides:
  • Asset ownership in your own name
  • True asset values
  • Adjusted exposures based on market movements and cycles
  • Liquidity
  • Individual tax treatment, and
  • Proactive and frequent communication
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