Our office flooded! But thanks to good planning, it's business as usual

Yesterday Perth was hit by a brief, but very intense storm which collapsed a portion of our ceiling in our office flooding almost half of our floor area leaving some offices and the kitchen area quite severely water damaged. It was actually raining, inside!

Fortunately and most importantly, no-one was injured, and 'things' can be easily replaced.

So what made a potential disaster more of an inconvenience, and what had we done to be prepared for such an event?
  1. No data/information is stored on-site, it is cloud-based, remote, secure and accessible anywhere at anytime
  2. Our data is backed up in real-time to a second and separate location
  3. Our business processes, services and access to files are not dependant on any one location, computer, piece of hardware, or person
  4. We had insurance
Thanks to our data management and disaster recovery planning, we're operating 'business as usual', albeit in one half of the building as things get repaired (and dry out).

Our experience inspired me to write this article, because we know many people and business owners would not have fared so well had this happened to them.

There will be a lot of furniture, electrical items, roofing and carpets that will need replacing (starting with the coffee machine!), but it's because of our planned data management and disaster recovery plans that this was not a catastrophic event for our business. Our business and client data remains intact, secure and accessible and we are able to function as usual. Could you say the same if this had happened to you?

Take a lesson from our experience. Don't have your most important information saved in only 1 place, don't have data saved to a computer, hard drive or server in your home or office, don't be reliant on any one item (such as a computer or hard drive) and have insurance. Please ensure you have plans in place for your most important information. If you want to know more about how we do it, or need assistance in doing it for you, please reach out to us.

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