Health, Fitness, Goals and meeting David Beckham!

Last week I was lucky enough to travel to Sydney to partake in a AIA Vitality OneLife workshop with a select number of other members who were successful in entering a recent competition (I didn’t win the competition, my husband did and luckily for him…/ me, he picked me as his plus one).

Our morning was spent with four absolute superstars as we were educated on health, fitness, goal setting and overall wellbeing. During the workshop we were encouraged to make #onechange and to consider our reason ‘why’, our overall motivation that pushes us to kick goals.

Chris Judd shared his view on exercise, he believes you should find something you really enjoy doing and make it your absolute priority. Chris also said ‘Ultimately, I always come back to the fact that, at the end of your life, you'd exchange whatever money you have for more time with your loved ones. But right now, you can effectively ‘buy’ more time through the choices you make, so why wouldn’t you?’.
Laura Henshaw helped us make a seriously tasty and healthy green smoothie (yes they do exist). Laura emphasised that no one wants to hold their nose and throw back a poisonous tasting snot ball and how taste is important, for this reason Laura avoids Kale and opts for spinach instead, also adding a date for an added sweetener. I have included one of Laura’s smoothie recipes below, give it a try.

Former world champion aerial skier, Alisa Camplin made sporting history in 2002 as the first ever Australian woman to win gold at the Winter Olympics. Our workshop with Alisa was focussed on mindfulness, goal setting, personal growth and having a purpose. Alisa believes it is important to ‘Break down the attributes of what's required to achieve your goal, set some milestones, and don’t forget to plan for those things that might derail you. The readier you are to succeed, the more likely you will’.

To top off our fantastic morning, we spent some time with the legendary soccer player and AIA Vitality Global Ambassador, David Beckham. David shared his very own reason ‘why’, a simple but a big one which is his family. ‘Walking the kids to school is a great way to stay active when I’m short on time. It’s the little things that make a big difference’. I found David to be incredibly realistic, it was inspiring to know that world class athletes are human too and that making small adjustments to your day will have such a significant impact on your overall wellbeing.

What’s your why? Everyone has a reason to be healthy and I encourage you to consider your reason, identify a positive change you can make and commit to it. #onechange

Elle Ross
Equitem Financial Strategist

Laura’s seriously good smoothie recipe
A healthy kick-start to the day that will keep you feeling full hours later.
1/3 cup of Kefir
1 Handful spinach
1/2 frozen zucchini
¼ avocado
30gm serving of protein powder (try to make sure it is naturally sweetened with no added nasties)
1 tbsp of chia seeds
1 small frozen banana
Put all ingredients in your blender, and blitz until combined into a smooth consistency.

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