Equitem set a record in 2018 - though we wish we hadn't!

What record did we set that we wish we hadn't? The number of claims we processed.

We processed 19 claims in the last 18 months on behalf of clients and their families. That's a record for Equitem, and unfortunately it means there were a lot of people and families affected by illness, accidents and death. Fortunately they received financial support at a time they needed it the most, which is why we do what we do.

Two things were evident in every single one of those claims:
  1. Not one person expected to claim on their insurance when they did, and
  2. Not one person wished they'd received less money from their insurer than they did
Illness, accidents and death does not discriminate, the claims ranged from ages 24 to 67 and across a wide range of medical issues. Without appropriate insurances in place they would not have been able to replace their lost income, they wouldn't have paid off debt, they could not have afforded specialist medical care and they would not have been able to provide financial security for their family.

Here is what we processed claims for:
  • 3 Death claims
  • 3 Mental Illness claims (depression/anxiety)
  • 6 Muscular Skeletal Claims (2 shoulder reconstructions, a broken leg, an ankle reconstruction, wrist surgery, arthritis)
  • Loss of cognitive function
  • Lupus/cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Hodgkin's Lymphoma
  • Cancer preventative hysterectomy
  • Leukaemia
Again, none of those people expected to get diagnosed with the illnesses they did, or to have the accidents they did, or to die when they did.

We see first hand the value of having financial certainty and peace of mind when people are needing to focus time and energy on their health or dealing with grief.

If you feel you should revisit your insurances or don't even know what you have in place, we urge you to speak to your finance professional for your own peace of mind to make sure you and your loved ones are financially protected - you can't put a price on that, or your health.

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