Be prepared this Christmas and avoid starting the New Year red nosed like Rudolph

Clean up this Christmas

While getting into the Christmas spirit, turn up the carols and start hunting around the house for gadgets, games or any unused items that the family no longer use. This is a great way to donate items to those in need or even to make some extra cash over the festive season. Electronics are very popular on Gumtree so why not sell off any unused phones, old TV’s, iPads or gaming devices that you are upgrading. Other popular items include jewellery, handbags, bikes and other sporting equipment and musical instruments. If its ‘in with the new’ this Christmas, make sure you are considering ‘out with the old’. Remember, some families are on the hunt for a bargain this time of year making a pre-Christmas clean up a great opportunity for everyone.

Switch out your Christmas cards

Around $2 Billion is spent on Christmas cards each year, this is staggering considering that most Christmas cards received will be thrown in the bin. Why not try something a little different this year and consider sending out an electronic Christmas card or record a video message on your smartphone or iPad and email it to your family and friends. If going electronic isn’t your strong point why not write loved ones a handwritten note or write them out one of your favourite Christmas recipes instead of a greeting card this year.

Make a list and check the budget twice

Preparation is key in December, according to Aussies are set to spend $25 Billion collectively, a massive $1,325 per person! Don’t get distracted or caught off guard, it’s okay you don’t need to be a scrooge just remember the following:
  • Set a Christmas budget and stick to it, avoid any impulse spending and remember to compare offers online before hitting the shops
  • Make a list of who you are buying for and how much you will be spending on each person, stick to it!
  • Track your spending, it is easy to loose sight of your purchases
  • Avoid Christmas Credit like you would avoid old Uncle Bill after he has had one too many. Don’t be tempted to use your credit card or any afterpay service, remember that starting off 2019 with a financial hangover will leave you feeling a bit like frosty the snowman.
  • If you are hosting Christmas remember that it is okay to share the load, have everyone bring a dish or write a list of easy items that family members can bring along on the day such as Ice, bread rolls, cool drink etc. Get allocating.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

With a plan in place you will be able to avoid cleaver marketing campaigns designed to leave you wanting more than just your two front teeth this Christmas. Keep control of your sleigh and enjoy a Christmas focused on family, fun and Christmas cheer.

Elle Ross and the whole Team at Equitem

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